Synopsis Drama Hush - KDrama 2020

Synopsis Drama Hush - KDrama 2020. The latest Korean drama in December entitled "Hush" is an adaptation of the novel " Silence Warning" by "Jung Jin Young" which was published on March 26, 2018 and will air on JTBC South Korea. This drama raises the daily theme of journalists in a newspaper office, although "Hush" also features a comedy side so it is lighter to watch. Lets read Synopsis Drama Hush - KDrama 2020.

Synopsis Drama Hush- KDrama 2020

Among the actors involved in this drama are Hwang Jung-Min, Yoona, Son Byung-Ho, Yoo-Sun and Kim Won-Hae. The drama will start airing on December 11, 2020. That is every Friday and Saturday on the JTBC channel.

Synopsis Drama Hush - KDrama 2020

" Hush ”is a drama that tells a story about the daily life of newspaper journalists and their struggles in overcoming problems and ethical dilemmas of news. Han Jun Hyeok is a veteran reporter for a newspaper. He first became a reporter in pursuit of justice, but he is now experiencing a conflict between idealism and pragmatism. Han Jun Hyeok also has to deal with personal matters as husband and father.

Lee Ji Su is a courageous intern reporter who isn't afraid to say what needs to be said, even during a job interview. When she meets Han Jun Hyeok as her mentor, she begins to dream of becoming a true journalist.

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