Birthcare Center Summary (2020)

Birthcare Center Summary (2020). This latest drama is currently airing in Korea. Many fans can't wait to continue watching each episode. The actors involve in this drama are Uhm Ji-Won, Park Ha-Sun, Choi Ri, Yoon Park, Lee Joon-Hyuk and Nam Yoon-Soo. 

The drama has 8 episodes and has been screened from November 2 to November 24, 2020. Airing time in korea is every monday and tuesday at 9 pm.

Birthcare Center Summary (2020)

Birthcare Center Summary (2020).

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Oh Hyun Jin has had a glittering career in her work life. She is the youngest member on the board of executives at the company she works at and is used to acing everything she does. But when she delivers her first child, she is in for a shock. 

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Giving birth was far more difficult than she had expected, and she quickly discovers that although she is a dab hand at all things work-related, she hasn’t got the first clue about how to bring up a baby. After being discharged from hospital, she heads to a birth care center – an exclusive establishment where even A-list stars come to get postpartum care. 

She is dismayed to realize that she is the oldest mother in the center, and embarrassed to notice that everyone else seems to know what they are doing when it comes to looking after babies Fortunately, the other mothers at the center prove inspirational. 

Among their number is Cho Eun Jung, aka the Queen Bee – a seemingly perfect mother whom everyone wants to befriend in order to learn childcare secrets. And Choi Hye Sook is the charismatic center manager – a veritable font of knowledge about all things childcare-related.

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