Review Drama My Roomate is Gumiho

Review Drama My Roomate is Gumiho. Recently, the drama my roomate is gumiho has finished its screening. So I want to write a little review about the drama. If out of 10 stars, I give 7 for this drama. Maybe it's because this genre doesn't suit me. Secondly, this drama is too slow. Sometimes it seems a little fast. Especially near the last 4 episodes. After Lee Dam managed to pull the red rope near his finger, this drama become so slow, probably because they want to complete 16 episodes, maybe.

Review Drama My Roomate is Gumiho

Review Drama My Roomate is Gumiho 

Before that, the drama was about Shin Woo Yeo who is a 999 -year -old hensem man or better known as a gumiho.He needs human energy to be fully human. Lee Dam is a university student. Her acquaintance with Woo Yeo was when she got drunk with her friend Dae Jin and Dae Jin had damaged woo yeo’s car.

While the dam was dealing with the drunk Dae jin, he suddenly bumped into woo yeo and accidentally swallowed a stone that came out of woo yeo's mouth into Lee Dam's body. Since then, Woo yeo got to know Lee Dam and eventually they made love.

Their love affair is also tested like any other couple in love. Sometimes the cause comes from Lee Dam and sometimes the problem comes from woo yeo as well. However, the bond of love among people is so strong that even evil forces are not able to break their love.

At the end of the episode Woo yeo becomes a normal human no longer a gumiho and stays with Lee Dam.

The characters in this drama that interest me are Hye sun and Dae Jin. These people are like a strong loving couple fighting but at the same time they love each other. They are two kind of scene stealers for this drama, you know. It's funny and comedy when people fight.

Hye Sun, the character played by Kang Hana, makes this drama not too rigid. Her character makes a sense of humor in the course of this story.

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