Synopsis Drama True Beauty - Kdrama 2020.

Synopsis Drama True Beauty - Kdrama 2020. A drama adapted from the webtoon series into a reality drama is the drama True Beauty. Among the actors involved are Mun Ka-Young, Cha Eun-Woo, Hwang In-Yeop, Park Yoo-Na and Jang Hye-Jin. Probably not the best drama? Let's read the True Beauty synopsis below.

Synopsis Drama True Beauty - Kdrama 2020.

Jugyeong is 18 years old, the school student won. She is not beautiful. Face has acne, red2. Wear big specs because of myopia. everyone likes to look down on him.

Synopsis Drama True Beauty - Kdrama 2020.

He likes his brother in a cafe but love is rejected. He has to be rejected, he has to be ridiculed. That's right.

She started wearing makeup at school but it looks like her makeup ghost. got to laugh again..He felt like jumping on a building. But it did not happen. It feels so tragic.

One day his father got scammed. The house is mortgaged. Her mother decided to move back to her old house. That means he has to change schools. He was happy because he did not like his old school friends.

Before entering the new school he made preparations. Learn makeup. She broke the tube to buy makeup items. She looked at various videos about makeup and tried to do the same in those videos. caterpillar-like eyebrows, bald eyebrows, thick eyebrows and thin eyebrows, all passed by with perseverance. 🤣🤣

Finally, after days of trying and trying, she is good at makeup to cover the pimples on her face. Tell her mother, sister, sister are all surprised to see that she has a little bit of a fight.

Entering a new school everyone praised her beautiful. The friends at school are all good. Not like his old school. She thinks all these new friends like her and are friends with her because she is beautiful.

Want to know how hard it is to make sure her makeup stays, plus suddenly a classmate who has seen her ugly face suddenly appears, it's not easy to cheat .. I want to know what happened to Jugyeong he has to look at ...

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