Summary Drama Live On- Korean Drama 2020

Summary Drama Live On- Korean Drama 2020. One of the new drama shown is a live on drama. This drama has the background of the concept of school teenagers. How they live and achieve success. Among the actors involved are Minhyun, Jung Da-Bin, Ro Jong-Hyun, Yang Hye-Ji, Yeon Woo, Choi Byung-Chan and Woo Yeon.

Let's read Summary Drama Live On below.

Summary Drama Live On- Korean Drama 2020

Summary Drama Live On- Korean Drama 2020

Live On 2020 tells the romantic story that took place in the life of Baek Ho Rang, a student who was at the top of his high school because he was the most trendy and popular. Go Eun Taek, on the other hand, is a perfectionist who is the head of the broadcasting club. 

Baek Ho Rang joins the broadcasting club to get help from Go Eun Taek in revealing the identity of a mysterious figure who intends to unravel the story of the past that he wants to hide.

Jung Da Bin is an actress who has appeared in many drama titles since childhood, her work led her to win the Best Child Actor & Actress "The Flower in Prison" award. 

She plays the role of Baek Ho Rang, a student who has a beautiful appearance that makes her the most popular girl in Seo Hyun High School. But despite being at the top of attention, he only has one friend. This is because he believes he is the center of the universe so he acts arrogantly and looks down on others.

Summary Drama Live On- Korean Drama 2020

Minhyun is a member of the idol group Nu’est and a former member of Wanna One, this drama became his debut moment in the real of acting. In this drama he plays Go Eun Taek, a student who is the chairman of the school broadcasting club. 

He is a sensitive person, a perfectionist who is oriented towards details, sometimes easily offended, and always plans everything perfectly. Although he seemed rigid in terms of leadership, but he never shied away from any task given to him and he was loved by his friends.

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