Lie After Lie Synopsis (2020) Korean Drama

Lie After Lie Synopsis (2020) Korean Drama. The 2020 Korean drama stars Lee Yu-Ri, Yeon Jeong-Hun, Lee Il-Hwa, Lim Ju-Eun, Kwon Hwa-Woon and Go Na-Hee. It was released on September 4 and finish on October 24, 2020.

This drama consist of 16 episode. Each episod have their own strength and good flow of story. Thats why many people watched this drama.

“Lie After Lie” is a 2020 South Korean drama that was produced by Kim Dong Rae.

Lie After Lie Synopsis (2020)

It gone viral during show on TV.

Lie After Lie Synopsis (2020)

 Ji Eun Su (Lee Yoo Ri) is a woman who appears to have it all. Married into a super-rich family, she assumes that the rest of her life will be an easy ride. But when her husband is murdered, she is sent to prison – with a court finding her guilty of killing her spouse.

However, this will be no straightforward jail sentence: She is pregnant, and gives birth to a baby girl while still behind bars. The child is taken away from her and given to foster parents, with her adoptive father Kang Ji Min (Yeon Jung Hoon), a kind-hearted, justice-loving journalist.

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When Kang Ji Min finds himself alone and taking sole care of the young girl, Ji Eun Su – now free from prison – concocts a plan that she believes will reunite her with her daughter. She will find a way to win Kang Ji Min’s heart – and become her own daughter’s stepmother.

Lie After Lie Synopsis (2020)

but the truth has a way of coming out…and if it does, how will her new family react?

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