Drama Awaken Summary- Korean Drama 2020

Drama Awaken Summary- Korean Drama 2020. Awaken drama will start airing on November 30, 2020. Among the actors involved are Namgung Min, Seol Hyun, Lee Chung-Ah, Yoon Sun-Woo. Let's read Drama Awaken Summary below.

Drama Awaken Summary- Korean Drama 2020

Drama Awaken Summary

This is a mystery drama that tells the story of a strange "Serial Killer" event that happened twenty-eight years ago and how it later connects with similar events happening today.

Do Jung Woo (Nam Gong Min) is a competent and reputable team leader. He is like a legendary detective from a special duty unit in the National Police Agency. She has a urakan style with messy hair, and sucks on lollipops all day like a toddler. Behind his appearance, he has a secret and mysterious background.

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Gong Hye Won (Seoulhyun) is a passionate police officer who does not let anything block his path. Behind her beautiful face is a hot temper that will not calm down unless she says what she needs to say. He is one of the strongest and best fighters on his team, and can drink more under the table, but he also has a very awkward side.

Jamie is a detective from the FBI who helped with the case. He was adopted as a child who had almost no memory of his childhood life. He returned to Korea to settle a chain murder case related to a memory loss from 28 years ago.

Drama Awaken Summary- Korean Drama 2020

Mysterious cases take place in a town. These mysterious cases are connected to cases that took place 26 years ago. Do Jung-Woo and Kong Hye-Won try to uncover the secret behind the cases from 26 years ago and the present day cases.

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